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Since communism saw its own demise in the 1980s which also ushered in the upsurge and opening up of the entire Western Europe, the Czech Republic ingeneral and its capital, Prague to be specific, has gradually become one of the best tourists destinations in the world. Prague, the capital of Czech Republic still give modern day visitors a medieval feel that sends them back 500 years ago. One of the most beautiful sites in Europe, The Charles Bridge, is found in the capital. The country has rich cultures, vibrant cities, and lively people that keep visitors awed at whatever they see.

No wonder the country has become a center of excellence for tourists across the globe. Each year, thousands of tourists troop into the country to visit various tourists’ destinations. This has also made the country a busy district when it comes to international business and investment.


You can’t just move into a country like that without any preparation. You will need a lot of information at your fingertips before making any decision to travel to the Czech Republic either for business or for recreation. Right from basic laws to the rules and regulations governing the conduct of business, there are a lot of information that will keep you informed of what to do and what not to do. We are here to give you some of the best websites to visit when you want to take a trip to the Czech Republic.

Tripadvisor is known to be one of the best websites that has a chunk of information on countries for visitors and tourists. The site give information on the general atmosphere of Czech Republic, the major and lively destinations, as well as how to get your way through an entire trip. You can get a lot of resources to help you plan a good trip.

Wikitravel is a library of resources where you can go to find out more information about a particular country or city you are planning to visit. Right from introduction of the city to popular destination to history to the present situation, Wikitravel will give you a lot of information that can help you on your journey to the Czech Republic.

This is Czech-based website that give visitors information about the general atmosphere in Czech Republic. The site features work life, tourism and popular destinations, ease of doing business, culture, and both local and international latest news about Czech Republic. It is a great platform to give you a gist of what to expect.

Myczechrepublic is equally a Czech-based website that give visitors advice on everything happening in the country. Right from local events to popular tourist’s destinations to business and investment opportunities, myczechrepublic will give you whatever information you would need to have a memorable stay at Czech Republic.


If there a travel blog that has gained a lot of attention, then it is lonelyplanet. The blog features popular destinations in Czech Republic as well as advice on what to do. It is a site worth visiting when you want to make a visit the Czech.

There are equally other websites out there that give information on Czech Republic for visitors either on business or tourism. Do you research well and find out everything you need to know before making the decision to go.


Just as you strive to be a good citizen in your country by respecting laws, a visit to the Czech Republic either for business or for tourism equally demands that you respect every single law of the country. How do you respect their laws and not go against them when you don’t even know these laws. That is why it is always advisable to know the rules and regulations as well as the laws that govern everything right from domestic issues to business and international relation laws in Czech Republic.

As a result of the internet, you don’t actually need to be in Czech Republic before you can know their laws. Just with the touch of a button, and you have access to information on the laws that govern Czechs. Let’s take a look at some of the best and right places to go for information on legal issues in Czech Republic.

The Government of the Czech Republic (



Your first point of call to getting the best of legal advice when searching for laws governing anything in Czech Republic is the Government of Czech Republic. The official site of the Government of the Czech Republic contains information on the government, the laws, rules and regulations, as well as common customary laws that govern the conduct of business and other activities in the country.  No matter your purposes of visiting Czech Republic, you will find the government’s portal to be the best in getting legal information.

The Healy Consultants PLC (

The Healy Consultantsis a varied group of companies that operates in different consulting services including property, corporate services, publishing business, and search engine marketing. The company has brought under its umbrella a lot of professional services including the following:

  • Corporate banking
  • Accounting and taxation
  • Corporate finance
  • Company formation and
  • Global marketing services

For over 14 years, Healy Consultants has assisted many clients in Czech Republic with business registration. They have the assisted businesses in the following areas: business bank account opening, visa strategies, company registration, government license registration, and employee recruitment help.

This company has information on the registration of business in Czech Republic as well as including a lot of legal assistance. You can make good use of their services to know the laws and regulations governing businesses and registration in the Czech Republic.

The World Bank group (


The World Bank group, since its establishment, has researched on legal issues on doing business in many countries. The Czech Republic is not an exception when it comes to research conducted on the laws and regulations governing doing business by the World Bank.

The World Bank’s library of doing business has great resources for Czech Republic laws and regulations governing doing business. Information at the World Bank’s office concerning laws on doing business in Czech Republic include Bankruptcy and Collateral Laws, Civil Codes, and Banking and Credit laws.

These are the some of the platforms that will help you get information on any legal issue concerning doing business in Czech Republic.


Trading in the Czech Republic brings a lot of benefits as a results of its location, size, and economy. If you are planning to trade, you would want to make sure that there are not losses, or even if there are, then it should be minimal. There are a lot of online resources that can help you get to know the rules and regulations governing trading in Czech Republic. These websites or platforms give you information on export, imports, and other trade activities within and outside Czech Republic. Before making any move on trading in the Czech, getting information from these sources will be the ultimate choice to make. Let’s take a look at some of the best websites for trading information out there.

CzechTrade (

The CzechTrade is an agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic. It was established in 1997. It serves as an official platform or agency for all foreign companies and agencies that are searching for Czech-based product suppliers, service providers, or investors. Officially, it is the agency that promotes exports in Czech Republic.


It is a big agency that operates through a total of 47 foreign representatives across the world. If you plan to do business or trade in Czech Republic, then this agency is one of the best to visit. Czech Trade ensures that you are given confidential and free services and information to help your company to land the right supplier.

The agency provides a myriad of services including but not limited to local outsourcing assistance, Czech quality suppliers introduction, organising meetings and visits with buyers and other Czech companies, undertaking and participating in trade fairs across the globe, and a real-time up to date information on doing business in Czech Republic.

If you are searching for a supplier or a service provider from the Czech Republic, you can make good use of the resources provided by this agency for the best out there.

Czech Business Information Platform (

This is your one stop shop for information on business in Czech Republic. is operated by CzechTrade and sponsored by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade. The portal is a platform for comprehensive business information for Czech local companies. Apart from that, one other main task of the portal is to be a one stop shop for foreign investors and business tycoons to navigate the business atmosphere of Czech Republic. Information for foreigners is mostly centered on the conditions necessary for doing business, investment, and opportunities for trade with Czech companies. To make things easy, this information is organized in different languages including German, Spanish, English, Russian, and French.


Through this portal, you will learn a lot of things about doing business in Czech Republic including the steps in acquiring a share in a Czech company, starting a business in Czech Republic, searching and finding good employees, looking for good business partners, and the entire investment climate of the country.

With over 10 million inhabitants and a vibrant neighborhoods including Germany, Austria, and Portugal, the Czech Republic is a good place to do business and knowing what to do and what not to do is your first step towards a successful business.

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A journey to Czech Republic is not your usual country side trips. This means that you need to really prepare before you visit Czech Republic.Right from lodging and directions to the laws of the country to popular destinations for tourists. Preparing before arriving at Czech will save you a lot of time and energy of asking for directions and help from all angles.

So you have decided to visit the Czech Republic, then be sure to use the myriad of online resources at your disposal. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful online resources that will give you insights into the Czech’s economy, law, tourism, and business.

Insurance for This is a website that deals with everything concerning health insurance or foreigners in Czech Republic.

prague_czechrepublic_tablet_1920x960 is an information site for all foreigners who wish to visit the Czech Republic. The site is a place for travel, history, and culture. It is a bilingual site and many people from different countries can make use of the site to plan their visit to the Czech Republic. is a community meant or foreigners, Expatriates, and Global Minds. This is a multilingual platform and can be used by many people from different countries. This is the official government webpage of the Czech Government.

Doma v This is a platform that talks about general lifestyle in Czech Republic. Its multilingual features makes it a good platform for people from different countries who don’t understand the Czech language. can be referred to as the ‘Google’ of Czech Republic. It is a search engine and includes other things such as news, weather, free email services, dictionary, and maps to help you navigate your way through Czech Republic.

Mapy.czThis is a version of the Czech Republic’s map. Mapy is an app that helps you undertake a complete route planning throughout Europe.

StatniSprava.czIf you are a good citizen, then I hope you’ve not forgotten of taxes. This is a website that gives you an address directory of all the tax offices in the capital of Czech Republic, the Prague. This is a platform that serves as a directory of all the social services in Czech Republic.

MVCR.CZ. Before you visit the Czech Republic, you might have an indirect contact of some sort with this institution. This is a platform for Residence Permits and Visa requirements to the Czech Republic. It is established by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Image: 0166140170, License: Rights managed, Property Release: No or not aplicable, Model Release: No or not aplicable, Place: Praha, Křížová, Czech Republic, Credit line:,
Image: 0166140170, License: Rights managed, Property Release: No or not aplicable, Model Release: No or not aplicable, Place: Praha, Křížová, Czech Republic, Credit line:, This is the official page of the Czech National Bank. It contains information on the Czech’s currency, exchange rates, and other financial information for foreigners. this is a site for the Czech Commercial Court. It contains information on the rules and regulations governing the conduct of business in Czech Republic. It is also a search engine for the database of companies.

These are sites that will help you get a good insight of Czech Republic even before you make a move to visit. Take the time and plan your visit so that you don’t get stranded.


Czech Republic is not just a destination for tourists, but also for business-oriented people. There are a lot of business discussions and dealings that you can engage in, but knowing the right place for the right business discussion or service is not easy. Fortunately, there are a lot of websites you can visit to get information on the business atmosphere at Czech Republic before going on your business trip. Let’s take a look at some of these websites.

This is an accounting firm with professional accountants in various fields. You can log in and have all your accounting issues responded to. Alexion has expert accountants in the field of financial accounting, taxation, formation of a company, Resident permit and visa and many other services. If you are a foreigner or an expat visiting Czech Republic for business, then it is good to make use of Alexio.


CEEITand Telecom

This is an active platform that provides information on the IT, electronic business (e-business) market trends and telecommunications. The site is very broad and also provides information on the general IT and e-business atmosphere on Eastern Europe. It also has a lot of articles and newsletters on business in Europe.

If you want information on central and Eastern Europe, then your right source of information is the CEEmarket. This website gives you all the macroeconomic information in Eastern Europe including Czech Republic.

This is one of the best source of information for your business decisions in Czech Republic.Centreurope contains a selection of 300 websites on doing business in Czech Republic and the entire Central Europe. It also has a very robust academic directory as well as online courses on various subjects.There are other services concerning doing business in Eastern Europe on this platform that will help you navigate your way through the business arena of Czech Republic. Business Section

It is not easy to predict a market that serves as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. As a result, this site was established by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs to give information to people who are interested in doing business in Czech Republic. This platform has a lot of information on doing business in Czech Republic, News on latest business happenings, and the stock exchange.


The Prague Daily Monitor

The Prague Daily Monitor is a platform that gives you real-time information on everything business inside Czech Republic.This site features comprehensive and latest news and links from Czech as well as from other international news agencies and organisations. This news is updated daily to keep you informed of the latest business happenings in Czech Republic.

The  AmCham (

This is the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic. There is a wealth of business information on this platform. It gives you in insight into the business atmosphere of Czech Republic and many other services.

Make good use of these online platforms to help you get the knowledge needed to do business in Czech Republic.


With the introduction of many travel apps, you don’t have to suffer whenever you want to visit the Czech Republic. There are a lot of apps in store for you. These apps can help you plan your trip and make your entire stay in Czech Republic a memorable one. Finding the best trip planner app is not easy, that is why we have taking the time to do the search and give you the best apps on the market. Read on and find out.

Czech Republic Trip Planner

With this app, you get to plan your trip before even coming to the Czech Republic. This Trip Planner will be of help to you in planning and organizing everything concerning your trip. The app is very easy and a fast way of adding everything you need to add for your trip. By using the app, you can pick everything you need for your trip and not forget anything.

The app provides default categories for your easy navigation though you can also easily add new categories to the already existing categories. The app has the following features.


  • Access to itineraries on any device, anytime.
  • Access to maps and directions as well as local weather forecasts.
  • Access to a comprehensive route guide.
  • You can share your trip plans via email with friends and family.
  • Access to an inspiration mode that lets you get inspired to places.

With the Czech Republic Trip Planner, you can even invite your friends to build your itinerary together. You can also add a lot of interesting activities, hotels and other places of attractions. You also have an option of printing and keeping your itineraries intact.


This is one of the best and easy to use apps that will help you plan your own travel itinerary to the Czech Republic. In just a few minutes on the app, you can plan your trip, discover beautiful places of attractions right from your smart phone, and have all your trips automatically synced to

The app is a travel guide, map, and planner for Czech Republic as well as other neighboring countries including Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Russia. It also comes with support in these languages to help you find your way out whenever you are stuck. It is available on iTunes.


CG Transit.

Circle Gate Transit is one of the best and most popular app for travel planning in the Czech Republic. It is mostly linked to the Czech public transport system giving you real-time updates on public transport check points. One cool thing about this app is its ability to be used offline without an internet connection. It also comes with a nice interface to give you nothing but the best of city guide.

The app is not only used in Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia to organize and plan travels. You can get this app on the Google play store for free. There are also plans for one year’s payments which comes with updates and improved features.

These are some of the online trip planner apps to help you navigate your way through Czech Republic.


One of the most embarrassing moments would be when you are stranded in Czech Republic as a result of lack of transportation to your destination. As a visitor, this can even mean complete confusion and the embarrassing feeling might prevent you from having a nice and memorable visit. You don’t have to suffer just because of transportation. There are a lot of car hire services at Czech Republic. These car rental services will make sure that you access the entire country without any hurdle.

You can welcome the convenience of getting your own car to help you explore the entire country. There are affordable car rental services that will make sure that getting to your destination becomes as easy as reciting the English alphabets. No matter your purpose, you will get a car rental company to meet your needs. Are you on a short trip? Do you want to map a particular route or you just want to comb the entire country, just state your purpose and you will have a lot of these car hire services ready to help you have the best of experience.


Let’s imagine you are in Czech Republic right now or you plan to visit any moment from now or in the near future. Your biggest worry might be where to get a car to rent for all your trips. Let’s take care of that worry for you through this article as we walk you through some of the websites where you can book a full car for yourself or for your team even before you arrive.

EuropCar in Czech Republic

This website provides car rental services in Czech Republic for all purposes. They have express pickup services, monthly and weekly car rental services as well as daily ones.  You can book a car on the website through simple steps.  Just search the type of rent you want and book. Is simple. You can do that before arriving to save yourself the tiresome time of waiting for a car rental company only to be disappointed.

Enterprice Rent-a-car

This is a company that you can rely on for your transportation needs. You get to have a car rented even before you arrive. Their website is simple to use. Youjust have to choose a city and you will get quotes that will suite your budget.


Auto Europe

This is a car rental company that you can use their services whenever you are at Czech Republic. They give you a variety of options. They can be found in many countries and have been in operation for some years now. They have car rental services right from single to group rentals as well as luxury car rentals for the big boys.

Czechrepublic RentalGroup

This is a spin off from the normal car hire service. This is a site where you can visit and find information on all car hire services in the entire Czech Republic.

Other websites to visit for information on car hire in Czech Republic include:

These car rental services provide you the best of car hire services at an affordable rate.


Are you planning a business visit or just a casual holiday to Czech Republic?Would you like to know where to visit, what to eat, and what to wear with just an app on your phone? If yes, then you are at the right place. Just like how other visitors have been stranded in the past, you don’ want to follow their footsteps. That’s why it is always advisable to get the needed help to navigate your way through one of the best tourists’ destinations in the world.

How do you do that then? Well, the internet offers a great number of resources that will help you get information right from Visa acquisition to visiting and leaving the Czech Republic.Let’s take a look at some of the most useful applications you can download to help you find your way out.

City Lovers and General Tourists- CzechRepublic


For those city enthusiasts, knowing which town to go as a visitor is very important. That’s because you wouldn’t want to waste your time visiting cities only to be disappointed in the kind of tourist attractions available. That’s why there is a free mobile app specifically made for the city lover.

This app is by name ‘CzechRepublic’. It gives you insight into the best tourists destinations in Czech Republic, the best towns, and the most attractive places.With the app, you can plan your visit by getting real-time information on the kind of festivals and celebrations to attend and at where. The application is available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Chinese and many languages.

Best cities to visit- the TOP100 app

In most cases, you might not actually know which cities to visit when you are going to Czech Republic. You can just download the TOP100 Czech Republic Insights App. The app will give you a clue of the best cities to visit at what time of the year. The app has a map that will help you select and make your own list of towns to visit.

Cyclotourists- Czech Republic Wind Trails

The Czech Republic Wine Trails is a free app created for cycling enthusiasts visiting the Czech Republic. The app will give you detailed information on which cities and when you can get the best of cycling events to watch or partake in. the application is available in only two languages including English and German.

Map lovers- Phone Maps

Do you like using maps to find your way? Would you like to use both online and offline map feature to navigate the best cities and cycling destinations? Then the ‘PhoneMaps” is the right app for you. With many languages and other robust features, you can get to wherever you want with ease.

Know currency values-Czech Money Mobile app

The Czech Money Mobile app is a creation of the Czech National Bank. This app will help you see the currency notes and coins of Czech Republic and get to learn exchange rates as well.


Spa Resorts lovers- Czech Spa Resorts

If you want to get the best of Czech Republic spa resorts, then the Czech Spa Resorts is the right app for you. It will help you navigate your way freely.

The AppsMapper Czech

This App has come to be the best Android App for Czech Republic. You don’t have to read through the bulky city guides, maps, and books again. The AppsMapper has come to replace all that. It also gives you resources that will help you book a taxi, a hotel room, tickets to the best movie theaters, audio guides and a lot of other smart options.

These are apps that will help you get the best out of your visit to the Czech Republic. You can download these apps both on Android and iOS and be ready to take the next air ticket toe Czech Republic.